Defunct Parks

Below is the list of all known defunct amusement parks in the United States.  We'll also be including links to known fan sites or historical pages.

- Beverly Rides (Beverly Hills, CA)
- Bohemia Park (Los Angeles, CA)
- Busch Gardens 1973-1978 (Van Nuys, CA)
- Chutes Park (San Francisco, CA)
- Dogpatch USA (Dogpatch, AR)
- Fair Park (Birmingham, AL)
- Frontier Land (Tempe, AZ)
- Frontier Village Amusement Park 1961-1980 (San Jose, CA) Fan Link 1
- Idora Park (Oakland, CA)
- Japanese Deer Park (Buena Park, CA)
- Kiddieland (Woodland Hills, CA)
- Legend City (Phoenix, AZ)
- Lincoln Park (Los Angeles, CA)
- Luna Park (Los Angeles, CA)
- Marineland (Palos Verdes, CA)
- Mission Beach (San Diego, CA)
- Mobile Zoo (Wilmur, AL)
- Neptune Park (Alameda, CA)
- Oak Park (Sacremento, CA)
- Ocean Park (Los Angeles, CA)
- Pacific Ocean Park (Santa Monica, CA)
- Playland (San Francisco, CA)
- Redondo Beach (Redondo Beach, CA)
- Santa Monica Pleasure Pier (Santa Monica, CA) -- AKA Santa Monica Pier
- Santa's Village (Scotts Valley, CA)
- The Pike (Long Beach, CA)
- Venice Ocean Park (Santa Monica, CA)
- Venice Amusement Park (Venice, CA)
- Venice Pier (Venice, CA)
- Washington Park (Hot Springs, AR)
- Wonderland Park (San Diego, CA) -- AKA Ocean Beach
- Zapp's Park (Fresno, CA)

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